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A beautifully landscaped yard requires ongoing maintenance. 

Lawn mowing, grassy areas, driveway maintenance, lawn edges and areas where a machine will not fit, blowing cement areas.

If you are a busy family, maintaining your yard might be one of those things that get pushed to the bottom of the list. Keeping up with mowing, weeding, and pruning can take time away from doing the fun things you love. Lawn care from True Dreams Lawn Service can take these chores off of your to-do list and help you reclaim your free time


Let Our Professional Landscapers Revamp Your Outdoor Space.

When you hire us, rest assured knowing that we’ll do the job right. Our experts will tear out all the existing grass before proceeding to the required landscaping work.

Our landscaping work will be completed as quickly as possible while adhering to our highest standards. Same day services can be done depending on the size of the project. We’ll walk through all the necessary steps with you to make sure the work is exactly what you want and fits within your busy schedule.

Our dedication to maintaining beautiful landscapes and providing personalized landscape maintenance services has led to many long-term client relationships.


Proper irrigation systems will keep your lawn and garden looking great.

True Dreams Lawn service provides irrigation systems, repairs, placing irrigation controls, programming systems and access to programming on smart phone with your internet.

Having a beautiful, lush lawn and healthy garden is important to many homeowners. Not only does it add exceptional curb appeal, but it can also increase the value of your property and create a more enjoyable space. We have all the equipment and expertise required to install irrigation systems for lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation.

Without sprinklers and drip irrigation, your lawn, trees, and garden could struggle to get the correct amount of water they need to thrive.

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